Grey / The Grey Cardinal (Concrete)

There are two sides to all areas of life. Good is eternally fighting evil, and white keeps trying to take the place of black. However, as always, if there are two conflicting sides of the barricades, there should be a peacemaker. What does it mean, to be between good and evil, black and white? Grey colour symbolizes neutrality and peace.  It never dictates, it allows others to take a lead. However, just like a Grey Cardinal, although keeping private and formally neutral, it actually makes a significant impact. Grey is diplomatically “reconciling” other colors, showcasing their advantages. Grey colour is a compromise. It is often referred to as the colour of a city (concrete jungle). Therefore, every patch of this colour gives the interior modernity and adds to the urban spirit.  So it’s just to open the door and let the “peacemaker” in.